Increase your profit margins and turnover

Associating your name with a known and trusted global brand allows you to leverage your customers’ preference for items embellished with Swarovski crystals, thereby enabling you to achieve premium prices and drive up demand for your own products. Over the past few years, we have carried out various studies which show that end customers are willing to pay 44% more for products with the Swarovski seal.1

Strengthen your brand and benefit from positive associations

Swarovski crystals are a unique selling proposition that distinguishes your brand from those of your competitors. Rated among the top luxury and fashion brands with an estimated brand value of USD 5.2 billion, the Swarovski brand creates a distinctively different identity for your business, signaling to your customers that your products are made with the finest-cut crystal, and are part of the world of luxury and fashion.2

Receive exclusive communication support to market your products

A broad range of merchandising tools offered exclusively to Ingredient Branding partners puts your brand in the spotlight at point-of-sale, while also highlighting the use of genuine crystals from Swarovski. In addition, by integrating selected customers with our highly effective communication platforms, the Ingredient Branding program connects you with jewelry and fashion lovers all over the world, allowing you to leverage this global awareness and build recognition of your products.

Interested in becoming an Ingredient Branding partner of Swarovski? Learn more about the Ingredient Branding program and how to apply here.

1Study with 3,200 consumers (25–55yrs, female) in Germany, Italy, China, USA (May 2014). Includes jewelry, apparel, digital and leather accessory products.

2European Brand Institute, Eurobrand 2013 – Austria – EUR 3,755 billion (EUR/USD 1,379)