Embrace the Spring/Summer 2019 Creative Expression of YES TO ALL 

At a time of radical change in our jewelry world, Swarovski Gemstones, the prestige brand for genuine gemstones and created stones, transforms the format and focus of Gem Visions, its industry-leading trend and design service. Gem Visions will now be presented twice yearly, each issue with a seasonal slant, so that the first new-look Gem Visions is targeted specifically on Spring/Summer 2019. The dynamically different design, and notebook layout, with a fresh, playful freedom, are intended to ignite innovation, stimulate imagination and capture the essence of the season’s theme: YES TO ALL. In this Gem Visions we embrace and invite freedom of creative expression, we celebrate free spirits and thinkers, a sense of liberation in all facets of design, concept, color, form, craftsmanship, a new freedom in gem-cutting and setting.

Looking ahead to spring 2019, we nurture today’s youth-fueled collective imagination, and the energy and ingenuity that drive change and progress, shaping social and cultural megatrends and diversity of design direction. We explore colors, mixing them with fantasy and originality, to harness their energy and the energy of light, which together make up the heart and soul of every gemstone.

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