Féerie features sixty dancers wearing over 1,000 costumes and 800 custom-made pairs of shoes, all embellished with thousands of sparkling Swarovski crystals.  Every inch of the dancers’ ensembles is methodically crafted by up to eight different specialists at the theater’s two in-house ateliers--Maison Février (feathers), Maison Clairvoy (shoes)—and Moulin Rouge’s talented costume maker, Mine Vergès. 

Exacting costume design, couture-standard tailoring, and dazzling light from crystal décor make  Féerie  a wondrous spectacle to behold.  To celebrate the union between Swarovski and Moulin Rouge, an inspirational film provides an exclusive peek behind the curtain, revealing the extraordinary level of creativity that goes into producing the show. 

It’s this extraordinary attention to detail (including the 50,000 Swarovski crystals that are hand-applied) that is expected of Moulin Rouge by its famously discerning clientele. To rendez-vous at the Moulin Rouge is to anticipate an evening that is both luxurious and extravagant in every respect. 

Read more about Swarovski’s partnership with Moulin Rouge at www.swarovski-elements.com

Photography ©Moulin Rouge® - Stella & Claudel.