Sherry has a strong sense of responsibility regarding maintaining and promoting the brand image, and she has successfully built a competitive team committed to customer satisfaction and service. As a result, her team is rich in experience, able to adapt to market fluctuations, push business development and maximize sales. Stability is important to Sherry, and many of her colleagues have worked together as a cohesive group for between 5-10 years. As administrator of stores in Chengdu, she now manages 15 stores (with a retail staff of 70), up from two stores in 2010 when the project began. Their sales performance is among the best in the country.

What does this Award mean to you?

It was a big surprise for me and it’s a great honor. It shows that hard work and persistence pays off. Our team has one slogan: The harder you work the luckier you’ll be. This is a major milestone in my life and I’m very proud that I am a member of Swarovski!


What is responsible behavior for you?

Being responsible is my working attitude. 

What do you like most about your job at Swarovski?

We add sparkle to people’s daily lives and give brilliance to our customers. 

What would you advise a colleague who has just started working in your team?

Trust yourself and work as hard as you can.