Beena and Anand successfully steered their team to achieving international standards SA8000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, and RJC certification for Swarovski India. They managed this complex process in just six months. They took it on besides their everyday duties, and while motivating and empowering colleagues to work effectively, efficiently and always in the best interests of the company. Their efforts have contributed to continuous training in health and safety, workplace improvement, certification standards, and improved teamwork skills. They launch regular initiatives on “6S,” internal audits and corrective improvement methods. They also developed a CSR committee and improved knowledge and understanding about standards.

What does this Award mean to you?

Beena: A moment of pride that any employee can dream of. This means lot of responsibility. A very pleasant surprise. 

Anand: It is an appreciation for my efforts and inspiration to continue the good work and also improve myself. I have been a part of a very enterprising production team that has contributed in raising new bars every day. We have been successful in increasing the production capacity of Crystal Pearls from 0.5 million per day to 1.5 million per day. This is a remarkable achievement. 

What is vigorous behavior for you?

Beena: Making things happen in an efficient way, lots of mental and physical activity. Ready to take on challenges and increase our efficiency in our day to day work. 

Anand: Going the extra mile, creating a winning team and empowering the team to achieve ambitious results in the most efficient way possible.


When you think back on your career at Swarovski so far, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Beena: Having been with the company for ten years and receiving this award are the greatest achievements. Each year there is something new to learn and explore. Pune unit has grown under the able leadership of Mr. Ploner. We have gathered many accomplishments in this short span of 6 months which was a tremendous achievement for the team in Pune. We also diversified as a Corporate Social Responsible employer. For me, working in HR means that one of the most important tasks is to build up a good team and I think Pune would be ready to take on any challenge because of their great team spirit.


What was the most significant moment of your career with Swarovski?

Anand: I have been with Swarovski since the inception of the plant in Pune. The journey from the first batch of production until today has been amazing. The celebration after the production of the first billion pearls was the most significant moment of my career with Swarovski. We celebrated this moment in presence of a member of the Swarovski family during his visit to Pune on 1st September, 2007.