Swarovski’s Annual Edition ornaments have been delighting consumers around the world ever since their launch back in 1991. Year after year, these elegant ornaments sparkle on the Christmas trees of crystal lovers who are looking for the perfect way to celebrate the magic of the season. But, did you know the inspirational story behind the special red crystal edition of our famous Annual Edition ornaments?


Back in 2017, at an internal event in Wattens, Swarovski was celebrating its jubilee employees who have been a part of the Swarovski family for more than 25 years. As Christmastime was fast approaching, the employees were talking about the upcoming holiday festivities. One of the employees mentioned how nice it would be to have a red version of the Annual Edition ornament because red is the color of love and fits perfectly to the spirit of Christmas.


Discussions around the “red crystal star” took off and the employees began tossing the idea around. Would it be possible? Is it too difficult to produce? Would the consumers like it? In the end, imagination and determination led to the decision to try and bring this product to life.


A red star ornament prototype was produced and, within three weeks, a few of them were handed over to Swarovski’s executive Board – who instantly fell in love! Thrilled by what they saw, they decided to launch the red star ornament for the upcoming Christmas period. And the rest is history. This red version of our Annual Edition ornament has been a part of our seasonal Christmas collection since 2017 and, ever since its launch, has been a successful product.


This is a great example of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Colleagues shared their ideas, collaborated across business units and teams, and used their passion for the Swarovski brand to turn an idea into a sparkling reality that’s perfect for Christmas.