Central Saint Martins
We work closely with emerging talents and aim to help them build a career that is driven by purpose, responsibility and commitment to making a positive impact. In turn, Swarovski has partnered with Central Saint Martins, which has seen three courses – BA Jewellery Design, BA Textile Design and MA Material Futures – and 165 students take part in a challenge to embed sustainability at the heart of their design process. Supported with a wealth of best practice resources including thousands of shining upcycled crystals, the outcomes showcase the potential of these future creative leaders in both their craft and their mindset as positive changemakers. 
The sparkling winners of this challenge created concepts with powerful messages. MA Material Futures winner, Sean T. Ross created the ‘Solar Forge’ to harness solar power through Swarovski Crystal to create new materials, “I wanted to create something obscure and beautiful, an artefact made unique by its method of production.” BA Jewellery Design winner, Imogen Burch formed ‘Creating Clarity’, where she used upcycled crystals engraved with messages to ignite ideas around conservation of our natural world. Finally, BA Textiles: Knit winner, Millicent Sanders formed ‘Construction Rebellion’ and reimagined landfill to benefit nature around construction sites. She used reflective materials with upcycled crystals to attract insects and create a vibrant color scheme.

Upcycled Crystal on the Catwalk
As part of our Conscious Design initiative, we understand the importance of making responsible choices in design. We aim to support emerging designers and grow the availability of Swarovski Upcycled Crystal with emerging conscious designers including Patrick McDowell and Kevin Germanier.
Kevin Germanier and Swarovski first worked together when he won the 2018 Swarovski & Vogue Talents of New Generation Award, “I feel very honored and grateful to have been selected by Vogue and Swarovski. The fact that two fashion giant forces are trusting my talent to create a sustainable collection is truly amazing. It gives such a powerful message about what sustainable can be.” Swarovski has supported Germanier through its upcycled program since his first graduate collection and continues to champion his creativity during fashion week presentations.
Patrick McDowell was first introduced to Swarovski during his undergraduate studies at Central Saint Martins. Since then, the relationship has flourished through the perfect alignment to Patrick’s design principles and the objectives of the Conscious Design program. Swarovski has continued to support McDowell through donations of Swarovski Upcycled Crystal, in 2019 he displayed his light-filled collections during Helsinki Fashion Week, Sustainable Fashion Day during Venice Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. In 2019, McDowell designed and dressed 170 performers using 7000 crystals for performers at One Young World Summit in London which convenes global young talent to accelerate social impact. Plus, in October 2019, McDowell designed a bra for breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk using Swarovski Upcycled Crystal.

Parsons School of Design
To celebrate Swarovski’s commitment to conscious design, we highlight its partnership with Parsons School of Design, which empowers students to create a positive impact through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
Students were tasked to reimagine luxury by championing conscious design through a Conscious Design course. Students on the course worked with Swarovski to become change agents for societal and environmental benefits. Students developed a concept statement paired with a capsule collection or installation to create public awareness and social action along the themes of women, diversity and inclusion, climate action, water, positive production and circular economy.

One X One: The Conscious Design Initiative
As part of our program, Swarovski has also launched One X One: The Conscious Design Initiative in collaboration with the Slow Factory Foundation and supported by the United Nations Office for Partnerships. Learn more here.

As a company we are proud to support emerging designers, promote human empowerment and conserve natural resources to achieve positive social impact. We can’t wait to see how our Conscious Design program develops throughout 2020.