So Veronika, what did you do in your old positions?

When I started working at Swarovski in Wattens, I was part of the technical division for Swarovski Professional and responsible for the planning and execution of technical workshops and training for customers and internal colleagues. I had the chance to deep-dive into the field of technical product application and I learned intensively about our various crystal products, their advantages, and the endless creative possibilities when it comes to applying them on all different kinds of material.

The hundreds of customer visits that I performed in this position allowed me to gain comprehensive knowledge about all relevant crystal application techniques such as Hotfix application, Ceralun, and Gluing. It helped me to develop a keen sense of our customers’ needs when it comes to technical product communication.

Every single one of these experiences are precious to me and helped me define how I worked and acted as a Technical Customer Support Manager. Moreover, these experiences prepared me for the next step in my career as a Senior Application & Service Manager.

What are you doing in your new role? 

In my new role, based in Taipei, I’m responsible for the global product portfolio management and long-term strategy development for application tools and aids, including global product planning and monitoring throughout the product life cycle.  

I foster sales by offering holistic application solutions, complementary products, technical services, and additional communication material that supports the usage of our sparkling Swarovski products. I’m also responsible for the elaboration and revision of the global Application Partner Network -  supporting customers in finding the right Application Partner for their product requirements.

Moving along my Swarovski career path from Wattens to Taipei has allowed me to get an even deeper insight into specific market-related customer needs and challenges. It has also given me the possibility to support my colleagues, short-term, with my technical, product, and training experience.

How did you make this career move happen?

Although I really liked my last position, I had a strong desire to change not only my job, but make a significant change of my life. During my performance dialog, I informed my line manager about this. We talked about developing my career and moving to another country, as well as the possibility of taking over a new role as Senior Application & Service Manager. Employee development is a very important topic for Swarovski. They took my request very seriously and, from that moment on, I received a lot of support from my line manger as well as the entire team and HR. This is why I finally moved to Taipei in February 2018. And what a great experience it has been!

What does career mean to you?

To me, career means to be on a constant journey. It’s not only about having moments of achievement and satisfaction, but also about moments of challenge and learning from past mistakes. Career means rising to the challenge and mastering it by continually learning and improving your skills.