So Roberta, what did you do in your old position?

In my previous position, I was exclusively focused on the Swarovski Professional sales process. This included everything from converting prospective customers into concrete orders to understanding the needs of existing customers and maintaining their active relationship with Swarovski.

My most proud achievements were when I was able to develop a customer relationship from the very beginning - from the excitement of the first meeting with them, all the way up to seeing the final product in stores. The thrill I got from this helped me to understand that my career path was in sales, even though my scholastic degree was in marketing. 

What are you doing in your new role? 

In January 2018, I started working in my new role. My job now focuses on what happens before the sales and is much more strategy-oriented. I’m responsible for developing the Swarovski Professional market strategy in Brazil and I support the sales team to bring sparkling new business developments to our company.  

In addition, I now have two new sales people reporting to me. This is a new experience for me, as I never had direct reports before.  It’s been an incredible learning experience that will certainly continue to support my career in the steps yet to come.

How did you make this career move happen?

The willingness for “something more” started in 2016 when, during the annual performance review, my line manager and I decided that it could be interesting for me to be more involved in the company´s strategy. This process was enlightening for me, as it marked the first time I’d thought about my next career step.

At the same time as I began thinking about my next career move, I was attending Swarovski’s Leadership Academy at Ashridge. I also participated in Swarovski’s Mentoring Program. This was perfect timing as both of these development opportunities helped me prepare for this new career move. Then, over the next few month, my manager and I began to draft up the responsibilities and expectations of the new role I would come to take on.

What does career mean to you?

My career is closely connected to my personal development and I’m very happy that, in my 13 years working at Swarovski, I’ve been able to evolve as a person - together with my career. People tend to separate professional life from personal life. But, for me, both of them sort of walk together. And knowing how to balance them enables you to be successful in your career choices.

Understanding what you like and what you’re good at is crucial. It helps you to take the right steps for your own career. Invest in yourself so that you’re aware of what your interests are and what you excel at, as well as what your areas to develop are. Then, it’s up to you to decide if it’s the right time to jump into a new challenge or just say “I’m happy where I am for the moment”.