What did you do in your old positions? 

I started my career at Swarovski as the Personal Assistant to the VP of Jewelry Marketing, back in 1994. This was during a time when the jewelry product marketing team was growing in tandem with the successful development of the business.  

After a couple of years at Swarovski, I became the Product Manager for Crystal Time, our first watch line. I also looked after the product development and order fulfillment of jewelry for the Travel Retail business. One of the tasks I enjoyed most, in this position, was training the local sales teams in Spain, Germany, and the UK. This was my first real taste of training.  

In 2002, I moved to the Marketing Communication team as Content Manager. I was responsible for the Swarovski Magazine and other tools that would serve to further broaden my skill set, especially in terms of content management with external agencies. I was also able to leverage skills that I had developed in my previous position by working on content-related projects such as managing content for eBusiness and communication tools. 

After my maternity leave, I was given the opportunity to join the newly-built Training team. This new prospect allowed me to apply everything that I had learned throughout the first 12 years of my career at Swarovski. In this position, I created sales training tools aimed at inspiring our retail staff and helping them understand and sell the new collections, season after season. I developed the Bestsellers/Expert magazine - available in various languages and vastly used in nearly all distribution channels – as well as a glossary of terms which was translated into 16 languages. I must say, however, that the greatest milestone in my career at Swarovski was being a part of the launch and successful roll-out of the Retail Academy.

What are you doing in your new role? 

In my current role as Head of Training Content, I am responsible for project managing and creating exciting content for many learning destinations offered in the learning journey of the Retail Academy. Together with a great team, we provide learning pieces – both digitally and in-print – in 17 languages for Swarovski’s retail community.

How did you make this career move happen?

Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working with great line managers who continuously supported me in my development. My skill set was enriched by being exposed to various fields within Consumer Goods Business, such as product marketing, communication, and training and Swarovski continually encouraged me to expand my boundaries. In addition, being given the opportunity to work part-time after my two daughters were born, was much appreciated and encouraged me to give my very best to this company.

What does career mean to you?

It means personal development which allows you to grow in your role. If you have leadership qualities, your career step should involve leading a team. If you are a subject matter expert, job enrichment and stretch assignments give you and others the possibility to share and transfer knowledge and expertise across the company. A career should reflect a personal development over time.