So Christian, what did you do in your old positions?

I joined Swarovski as Project Management Consultant in Corporate Project Management (CoPM) in 2008. I was managing projects for different units, including Swarovski Crystal Business, Swarovski Professional Production, and Consumer Goods Business. One project in that role required me to develop a multibrand strategy for the 10 largest markets in CEE. I have always had a passion for emerging markets, and, even did my MBA in Shanghai before joining Swarovski. I initiated discussions about a possible transfer to Asia, and, few months later, I was given the opportunity to move to Shanghai with my family.  

Once there, I built up the Planning and Analysis (PAM) function for CGB in China. It was fascinating and challenging. I learned about retail in China firsthand, met valued partners, and established closer ties between functions in Switzerland and China. Three years later, I had established the merchandising function in China and felt ready to take on new challenges, and these new challenges were there for the taking!

I was asked to manage Taiwan as a sabbatical cover which then turned into my position as Director CGB in Taiwan. The Taiwanese market was going through a difficult period back then, but our passion for the brand and dedication to the highest service standards helped us pull through and, ultimately, sparkle. Together, we crafted a turnaround strategy that led to long term sales and profit growth.

After 3.5 years in Taiwan, I took a 2-month sabbatical where I traveled all over Asia, before returning to Switzerland with my family and re-joining the Männedorf office. As Director Sales & Consumer Interaction, I helped to develop and implement the new market cluster setup which we are currently operating within CGB.

How did your career move at Swarovski happen? How does Swarovski support your career? 

It all started during one of the conversations in my performance review. I had expressed my interest in going to Asia and talked about it with my line manager. From then, it was all about being proactive, persistent and lucky. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to transfer to Asia and learn about China. I highly recommend everyone to leave their personal comfort zone and take on new assignments in new areas or geographies. Reach out to the people who you think may be able to help you along your career path!

What does career mean to you?

To me, career means having the opportunity to constantly learn new things and face new challenges.