So Andreas, what did you do in your old positions?

In my first role at Swarovski, I had the great honor of working at the very heart of it all: where the crystal is. I was responsible for running the crystal cutting department and making sure that high-quality crystal components are cut, polished, cleaned, and delivered on time, in the right quantity, and with our high standard of quality. Me and my team successfully industrialized and produced more than 1,000 new cuts and crystal components per year.

As part of a team, together with crystal cutting experts and colleagues from the production and engineering departments, I was heavily involved in projects for the optimization and modernization of crystal cutting. This included the integration of new high-tech machinery and supporting colleagues with the transition from our old production facilities, to our sparkling new and modern one. 

What are you doing in your new role? 

In spring 2018, I changed from Crystal Production to Technology, taking over the responsibility for the Operational Excellence department. I now manage a highly skilled team of manufacturing experts and project managers who lead major transformation operations projects, such as the Crystal Factory of the Future, a big milestone for Swarovski Professional.

Me and my team, together with other stakeholders throughout the business, work on optimization projects to make our value chain faster, more flexible, and more efficient. A lot of these topics were part of my daily routine in crystal production, but now the perspective has clearly expanded from a more local focus on one department to a global view on the whole value chain. 

Moreover, my new role also includes the task of Production Network Circle facilitator - a platform to intensify working together in cross-business teams, multiply already ongoing projects across business units, and drive activities to generate even more impact throughout the entire Swarovski Crystal Business. 

How did your career move at Swarovski happen? How does Swarovski support your career? 

For me, this move was the logical next step in my career. It allowed me to broaden my scope and get a more holistic view on the Swarovski value chain. The newly formed Technology organization was bundling together technical development capabilities with those of mechanical and industrial engineering, and I saw this as a great opportunity to successfully develop the future value chain of Swarovski and its partners.

My line managers always trusted in my abilities, giving me challenging but interesting tasks as well as the space I needed to develop, professionally. I was given the great opportunity to connect with colleagues from different business units, hierarchy levels, locations, and fields of expertise. This helped me to expand my horizons, rise to future challenges, and be ready to further develop my career at Swarovski.

What does career mean to you?

To me, career can have many different facets (just like our beautiful crystal!). Career is the path you choose to follow in order to develop as an individual - privately and professionally. In the end, you need to find your own definition of “career” in a way that makes sense for you. For me, career means to expand my horizons, step-by-step, and to do things that make a real difference for the company while still feeling personally fulfilled.