Jonathan saunders

Jonathan Saunders

Scottish born print designer Jonathan Saunders graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1999 with a BA in Printed Textiles, going on to graduate from Central Saint Martin’s in 2002 with an MA with distinction in Printed Textiles.  Saunders MA graduate collection of engineered prints was based around a combination of Memphis-inspired graphic shapes and Pink Floyd animation, subsequently winning him the Lancôme Colour Awards 2002.

Since graduating, 25 year old Saunders produced his own debut S/S 2003 collection in Italy under the label Jonathan Saunders.  Saunders coordinates designing his own label alongside consulting for some of the largest fashion houses in Europe.  

Saunders uses traditional silk screening techniques, developing the concept of engineering prints around pattern pieces.  In effect each garment has its own specifically designed print rather that one standard print being used throughout a collection.  Saunders uses up to twenty silk screens per design and will have as many as twenty prints within one collection, thus individualizing his pieces and creating a visually exciting collection.