In the summer months you can stroll through the nearby vineyards, hike up the Swiss Alps or cool down in one of the lake swimming areas. During winter it is all about snow sports with most locals making a break for their nearest ski area at the weekends. For those who need a faster pace, Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is only a short commute from the office. In fact, the majority of the employees working in Männedorf usually make Zurich their home base, possibly for the fact it consistently rated one of the best cities in the world for quality of life. Zurich is an enigma, just when you finally think you have figured it out it pulls the rug out from under you with another wondrous surprise. It’s steeped in history and tradition. Wander through the Old Town and take in the beautiful architecture, café culture and finish up at the opera house for a show. It is culture abundant with over 100 art galleries and museums. What sets Zurich apart from other Swiss cities is its vibrant nightlife, sleeping is optional in Switzerland’s party capital.

Employees are encouraged to be who they are and this is seen through the on-trend fashion on display in the location. Become part of the success and join our family today. Our working culture combines the best of global and local. We are family-owned and managed by the fifth generation of the Swarovski family. We have a very strong values-led approach, and we always take a long-term view when it comes to growing and developing our people and business. 
Yet we are also a truly global, very modern company. Our teams bring together top talents from many different countries, while our partners and customers include some of the world’s most prestigious fashion, jewelry, technology, and lifestyle brands. Professional standards are exceptionally high and everyone is encouraged to constantly challenge themselves to stay ahead of trends and generate new ideas. You can sense this innovative spirit across the company and across all functions. Innovation in all areas drives the business and you can be part of it!

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